The eighth generation Tenchozan Kiln
Kaneta Masanao

Phto by Makitao Moritsugu

Message from the the owner

In the late Edo period, porcelain was mainly produced in this studio by a potter from Hizen Province, and by the middle of the Meiji period, the work was gradually shifted to Hagi ware.
Since then, although they have undergone many trials and tribulations, they have been running their pottery business for approximately 200 years without letting the flame of the kiln burn out.
The climbing kiln, techniques and materials that have been handed down from generation to generation are truly family treasures, and now the way of thinking about pottery has been changing from transmission to tradition.
It seems that the mission of the people involved in creating is to make history, where the accumulation of newness becomes a tradition and is passed on to the next era.
I try to create powerful ceramic forms using the traditional Hagi ware with the Kurinuki technique.
I would like to thank you for your patronage.

Kaneta Masanao